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Wafim.TV APK is an all-in-one app that combines mobile money, communication and productivity in one unified App.

With Wafim.TV App you can send and receive money, make calls and chat with your friends/family. Signing up for trips and paying for them is very easy

Wafim.TV APK App


Wafim.TV APK is a free mobile application developed by Salam Bank and available on the Android platform under the Business & Productivity category, i.e. Finance sub-category. This all-in-one app combines mobile money, communication and productivity features into a unified platform.

With This App, users can easily send and receive money, call and chat with friends and family, and even pay for travel, all within the app. The app interface is user friendly and makes it easy to navigate and manage. This App is a convenient tool for people who want to manage their finances, stay connected with their loved ones and increase their productivity – all in one place.

Overall, Wafim.TV App is a useful and efficient app for anyone looking for an all-in-one tool to manage their finances and stay connected on the go.

Wafim.TV APK

Features of Wafim.TV APK

Wafim.TV APK is your new lifestyle that combines mobile money, communication, entertainment and productivity in one integrated app.

Mobile Money:

This App is your real mobile wallet that allows you to send and receive money easily, instantly and securely. Deposits and withdrawals through our App agents and extensive network of Visa-enabled ATMs.


Call your friends and family with the best rates.

Reservation and reservation

Book your tours, hotels and flights at Wafim.TV APK and get special discounts from our sales partners

Ne var ne yok

  • Add multiple numbers to Wafim.TV
  • Screen Sharing: You can share screen with your friends using Wafim.TV video and audio calling.
  • Improved news search
  • Recurring payments
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