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फरवरी 11, 2023

Huawei Zdrowie Apk is Huawei's official app that monitors your health and physical activity. The app allows you to keep a detailed record of your sleep habits, weight history, daily calorie consumption, or heart rate information.

From the Exercise tab, you can log all your physical activity. You can choose to walk, run, or cycle. Also, you can choose specific exercise plans that allow you to add long-term goals to give you the extra motivation you need.

Sleep and heart rate tabs let you monitor your current health. The former tells you how many hours of light and deep sleep you get each night, and the latter tells you whether your heart rate is more or less constant throughout the day.

This is a really great app for users and Huawei Zdrowie Apk offers you the same features as Xiaomi's MiFit and Google Fit offers.

What is Huawei Zdrowie APK?

You can get information about your preferred sleep times and day classes, as well as your sleep and wake frequency. Due to this aspect, the Huawei Zdrowie app acts as an effective coach to help you and you will be satisfied. Plus, it has an inkjet map that can be used for biking, running, and hiking for the avid hiker and your hiking king.

This Huawei Zdrowie app hack is best in terms of utility, it requires Android 4…4 or higher and 2GB RAM.

All fans need to know if it is legal to use and download this software. This is because most free apps are not safe to download and use due to copyright piracy, which is prohibited.

However, it is completely legal to download and use this Huawei Zdrowie App. Because Google Play Store provides this program for free. As Google Play Store is very concerned about removing illegal and harmful programs from its servers, you can only download safe and legal apps from Google Play Store.

Features of Huawei Zdrowie APK

  • Support Raja while running or cycling and record run, distance, heart rate, trajectory, speed, and other sports data.
  • 2.5 km. Join a marathon training plan by Huawei Zdrowie.
  • With data integration, the Huawei Zdrowie app will provide comprehensive and integrated sports and health services.


If you want to track your progress, you need to allow steps to be displayed accurately in the GPS view. To do this, press the "APS" button on the main page. The next screen should show the current status of each step.

After downloading and installing the Huawei Zdrowie app, you can access it from your smartphone. You can use the app to manage your fitness goals, such as calories burned or distance traveled. You can also track your heart rate, medications, and other useful data. Indeed, the fitness and health application of your smartphone will display the data you enter in the interface of the health application. It will also ask you to change some values if necessary. Some data cannot normally be changed.

One of the first new apps launched by the Android ecosystem is the Huawei Zdrowie app. This popular Android app was created by developer Suzy Zhang, who previously worked as a medical researcher and technical consultant for Google's Android team.

This app is designed like the very popular fitness and health tracking apps MyFitness or Facebook. However, the real difference will focus on healthcare and the use of smartphones and their connectivity with existing healthcare facilities.

This includes in-app purchases of real human cells for tracking and the ability to upload data directly from the app to key health servers, from where it can be analyzed by the app's algorithms for quality measurements and correlations. The system will allow the Huawei Zdrowie to generate personalized reports on all aspects of a person's health: metabolic, immune, cognitive, and blood pressure, among others.