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v1.2.358960 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 17, 2022

This is the Primitive Era newest and latest strategy game developed and published by Garena International III for Android and iOS gamers around the world who want to play a new strategy game for free with many new heroes and characters.

The main story of the game begins in 10,000 BC when a tribe is destroyed by a volcano, forcing them to leave their original place and move to a new place to build their village.

In this new game, you have to take on the role of a mayor or head of a city with a support girl. This helpful girl helps you fulfill all your orders in the village and also gives you information about the village in the Primitive Era Apk.

About Primitive Era Apk

Primitive Era is a strategy game set in the historical Paleolithic era where you have to manage a community of primitive survivors trying to survive in a wild world full of animals and obstacles.

In the Primitive Age, you control the chief of a newly created village instead of an old abandoned one. In order to create a habitable residence, it is necessary to cut down various trees around the communal house to find land for development. By acquiring resources, you can build various buildings like farms, houses, temples, military bases, mines, etc.

As is common in strategy games, management will not be limited to buildings; You must also coordinate between civilian, military, and investigative units. The latter will show you various interesting points on the map where you can expand your territory and use its abilities to get more specific resources.

Primitive Era Village is fully customizable to your liking. After completing the tutorial, you can change the position of various buildings and decorative elements to your liking. As a result, municipal residents' houses can be grouped on one side and military buildings on the other.