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What are self-help groups?

Self-help groups (SHGs) are small groups of poor people. Members of the SHG also face similar problems. They help each other solve their problems. SHG promotes little savings in its members. The savings are kept at the bank. It is a general fund on behalf of SHG. SHG offers small loans to its members from their joint funds.

SHG is an informal group and is not subject to any company law, state co-operative law, or partnership company registration circular RPCD. Scheme from July 24, 1991, to BC13 / PL-09.22 / 90-91.

How SHG Urban work

SHG size

  • The ideal size of the SHG is 10 to 20 members. (Properties: In a large group, members cannot actively participate. In addition, the informal group must not exceed 20 people.)
  • No group registration required.


  • Only one person from the family can become a member of SHG. (This way, more families can join SHG.)
  • The group usually consists of all men or all women. Mixed groups are generally not preferred. Women’s groups generally do better. (They can save better and generally make sure the debt is used properly.)
  • Members should have the same social and financial background. (Benefit: This makes it easier for members to communicate openly. If the members are rich and poor, the poor will not get a chance to express themselves.)
  • Some common factors for obtaining membership in SHG
  • Women/men from very poor households.
  • Who also depend on donors for their daily needs.
  • The per capita income is not more than 250 rupees per month.
  • Who has dry land, not more than 2.5 acres?
  • General living conditions for group members. Living in rough houses, lack of access to safe drinking water, the presence of illiterate people in the family, etc.


  • The group should meet regularly. Ideally, the meeting should be weekly or at least monthly. (Properties: Regular meetings bring them closer together. This helps them better understand each other's difficulties.)
  • Mandatory participation: Full participation in all group meetings facilitates the work for the stability of SHG and the satisfaction of all.
  • Membership registers, minute registers, etc. should be kept up to date by regular entries by the group. (Benefit: It helps you identify SHGs easily. It also helps build trust in SHG members.)

Account management by self-groups

  • Simple and clear books for all transactions.
  • If a member cannot keep books, SHG can seek outside help. (A village boy or girl with some educational qualifications has been seen doing this enthusiastically. After a few months, the group may even consider giving them a small compensation for the job.) Animators can also help.
  • All registers and ledgers should be written during the meeting. (Benefit: It builds trust in members who can't read or write.)

S.H.G. Books to keep by

  • Minute Book: Meeting minutes, group rules, members' names, etc. are recorded in this book.
  • Savings and Loan Registration: Shows members' savings separately and as a group. Details of personal loans, repayment, interest collected, arrears, etc. are recorded here.
  • Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly Register: A summary of income and payments, updated at each meeting.
  • Member Savings Book: Personal member passbook in which the contribution of individual savings and loan is regularly recorded. (Benefit: This promotes regular savings.)

The main functions of SHG Urban Apk

Savings and savings:

  • All SHG members regularly save a small amount. The amount may be small, but savings should be a regular and constant habit among all members.
  • "First - save after credit" should be the motto of every SHG member.
  • SHG members take a step towards independence when introducing small savings. You know financial discipline through savings and internal credit. (Advantages: This is useful when using a bank loan.)

Internal borrowing:

  • The savings amount should be used to give credit to SHGA members.
  • Purpose, amount, interest rate, payment plan, etc. are decided by the group only.
  • The proper account on SHG.

How to install and use SHG Urban Apk?

Step 1. Download the APK file from the link given Above.

Step 2. Go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources and turn it on.

Step 3. On the File Manager application, click Download> Download Folder and tap on the APK file to install normally.

Step 4. Again, go to Settings> Battery time optimization and remove the application from the optimization list. (This setting will allow running in the background)

Step # 5. Finally, open the application, tap the + sign, and clone the application you want. 

Screenshot Of SHG Urban Apk

Requirement Of SHG Urban Apk:

  1. Android 4.1 version or higher
  2. Stable internet connection is possible
  3. Minimum 3G is recommended while 4G and Wi-Fi are recommended
  4. Allow your device to manually install applications (review and allow unknown sources)


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