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In mcpro24fps Apk Cinematic Video Camera, the settings for Android devices are very extensive. Sony has written 10 bits on Xperia 5 and Xperia 1 devices. Ible is the most flexible mcpro24fps Apk that can be optimized for your device.

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  1. Support for multiple cameras (where possible);
  2. Save the settings for each camera separately.


  1. Support for recording 24, 25, 30, and 60 frames per second, depending on the capabilities of the device;
  2. Support for all resolutions specified in the Camera My 2 API;
  3. Support for bit rates up to 500 Mbit / s depending on the capabilities of the device;
  4. Hardware noise reduction settings;
  5. Quick hardware settings;
  6. Settings for hardware improvement of hot pixels;
  7. Optical and digital stabilization support based on device and manufacturer approval capabilities;
  8. Create a protocol profile using vowel curves based on the capabilities of the device.
  9. Adjust the tone curve with the GPU.
  10. Image adjustment by additional GPU filters;
  11. Additional reduction of noise by GPU;
  12. G.O.P. Configuration
  13. Eliminate Flickr for auto-exposure mode;
  14. Different modes of white balance depending on the capabilities of the device (some devices claim to support manual BB but it does not work properly);
  15. Two exposure modes: manual and automatic;
  16. Set risk correction automatically;
  17. Three types of crop zoom: video size, x2.0 and max;
  18. For LG V35 / V40 / V50 / G7 / G8, Sony Xperia 1 / Xperia 5, Samsung S10 / S20 Snapdragon, Xiaomi Mi 9 / Pro / T / T Pro and Asus Ross II 10 support bits.
  19. Adjustment of point density on vowel curve (corresponding to point D and fewer points)
  20. Bit rate mode (variable / continuous) if possible
  21. Adjust the deformation correction


  1. Support for various sound sources;
  2. Support for different sample rates;
  3. Support for AAC up to 510 kb / s;
  4. Ability to record sound in WAV file;
  5. Possibility to integrate WAV into MP4 after recording (cutting length is limited by device system).


  1. Counter of falling frame;
  2.  Record button video size in counter;
  3. Convenient manual focus control;
  4. Manual. In manual focus mode, you can double-click to increase the preview for a more specific focus.
  5. Ability to limit manual focus up and down (double-tap the limit button);
  6. Convenient control over crop zoom;
  7. Save protocol profile presets:
  8. Presetting to save the GPU curve profile;
  9. Automatic L with manual and automatic white balance or with;
  10. Ability to save presets for white balance settings;
  11. Manual and automatic lock for automatic display;
  12. In manual exposure mode, the exposure can be changed depending on the frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
  13. 13. Electric torch (if the device supports it);
  14. The camera determines my point of view;
  15. Two types of the histogram: luminance and RGB;
  16. Focusing;
  17. Zebra; Adaptation of zebra crossing;
  18. Eleven types of grids;
  19. Anamorphic preview, D-squeeze (video remains stretched);
  20. Start/stop recording with volume button or separate camera button;
  21. Three types of screen brightness;
  22. Ability to select medium to save video (requires a very fast card to record on an SD card);
  23. Selecting the size of the video tank (many devices have a limit of 4 GB);
  24. Ability to write videos in overlapping or independent parts;
  25. Display of focus mode in automatic continuous focus mode;
  26. Save most settings automatically.
  27. LUT Preview

Highly recommended for Sony XZ1 / XZ2 / C / P / XZ3 / Xperia 1 / Xperia 5.

How to install and use Discovery School Super League Apk?

Step 1. Download the Discovery School Super League Apk file from the link given Above.

Step 2. Go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources and turn it on.

Step 3. On the File Manager application, click Download> Download Folder and tap on the APK file to install normally.

Step 4. Again, go to Settings> Battery time optimization and remove the application from the optimization list. (This setting will allow running in the background)

Step 5. Finally, open the application and use it.

Screenshots Of Discovery School Super League Apk


  1. Android 4.5 version or higher
  2. Stable internet connection is possible
  3. Minimum 3G is recommended while 4G and Wi-Fi are recommended
  4. Allow your device to manually install applications (review and allow unknown sources)


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